Fighting the Pain-Resistant Attacker: Step-By-Step Survival Techniques, by Loren W. Christensen

My Copy: 9781594394942 (original cover image from

This is a must-have for those who feel intensely vulnerable, and those who want to brush up on basic skills against the not-so-skilled in a fight. In desperation, someone will get dirty and just want to win. And some of them may prove too tough to inflict pain on enough for you to get away from them.

This is the scenario that’s not mentioned too often. or at least I haven’t heard it. It’s been in the back of my mind for a long time, and then I found this awesome book on the shelf. There are just some people who either by their girth, drugs, or otherwise, can’t or don’t feel pain the same ways as other people do.

So, what’s a person to do to get away from an attacker like that if they should have to?

Fighting the Pain-Resistant Attacker is a great resource to have. I got this many months ago and have spent time re-evaluating what I’ve read before. I think it’s something to keep in mind, and with plenty of photos to help you out, step-by-step, you’ll find some moves you can do no matter your height or your endurance level or martial arts training.

Though I won’t lie: some martial arts training would highly benefit and help you become limber and accustomed to the movements even this book shows.

Lets face it–we’ve all seen the scene where the big burly guy gets hit a few times by the hero and just shrugs it off, or someone in a drug-fueled night doesn’t even notice the taser stings or pepper spray from the cops and keeps going.

What’s basic martial arts to do against someone who doesn’t feel pain in those moments? This book has some helpful ways to at least temporarily disable an attacker that fits this criteria and allow you to get help.

That said, I’d heed the warnings this book gives. You have to be very sure there’s no alternative (kinda like handgun-carrying) before you hit certain vital areas. If the person ends up seriously incapacitated or dead because of something you’ve done, then you’d better be able to tell what happened and how.

This is something that’s not covered much in self-defense, either–personal liability if you use any debilitating moves against another person (especially inhibiting artery function and all). You can kill people with the moves in this book, and that’s why they warn you–page after page–to be sure of what you’re doing and why you feel you need to do it.

I recommend this as a good supplement for anyone with a bit of martial arts knowledge (and I’d recommend some basic anatomy for dummies text or something to help). Even if you don’t have martial arts ability or knowledge, focusing on your own movements as you read this book, what areas would hurt on you, and your own vulnerabilities will be worth it.

I also recommend a thorough read through first, then spend time dissecting what you’ve learned in these pages so you can counteract what an aggressor may try to do (and not end up killing someone).

Panic isn’t pretty. Neither is death. And there are a lot of desperate thieves and crises out there to deal with this holiday season. Be safe, all.

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