Against Excess this Holiday Season…I will do my damnedest.

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I can’t help it–I get suckered into good deals and the belief that I won’t get stuck in debt every year. I’m sure I’m still paying for Christmas gifts from 10 years ago because I’ve never crawled from the hole I dug. I’m working my way up again, but it’s slow and steady going.

I know I’ll be browsing for ideas, marking things on my wish list…but even if the deals are just SO DAMN GOOD, I will resist. I have to. I can’t buy with a credit card anymore. I will wait for the next paycheck to come in if the price is low enough and I really can’t wait for it.

Admittedly, there are some “suggested reads” for some masterclasses that I’m signed up for that I’ll either borrow or find used first…then online if I can’t. I got a few already, but I will wait until next paycheck to get more if I can’t just borrow them (the local library’s a bit of a joke when it comes to good books that aren’t pop culture schlock for adults)

I am determined not to spend for no good reason, and not go broke trying to get other people I care about great gifts.

Here’s to a hopefully less-broke holiday season.

5 thoughts on “Against Excess this Holiday Season…I will do my damnedest.

  1. Andrew says:

    Oh how I can sympathize on this one. Many a holiday seasons I (and the wife) went overboard and ended up stretched thin January to March after the holidays. This year, as with the last, we are only using cash for gifts, etc. It took some discipline to save ahead of time, but we’ve managed to do it again as we’re now almost done. It’s hard to do, especially when the retail market is preparing to implode on itself in epic proportions because of crushing debt, but hey, we get good deals out of it 🙂 Amazon is an introverts best friend…. no crowds and it just shows up a few days later on your doorstep. It doesn’t suck they have awesome prices either. Sending positive thoughts to help with keeping your resistance up 🙂

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    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      Yeah, it’s like some of those beginning extreme coupon clippers who say “hey, this is a great deal!” But if you never use the stuff, what good did it just do you? I’m a major impulse buyer, but I’m teaching myself to curb my enthusiasm, put it in a wish list and see if you can afford it later. If I really want it by the time next paycheck comes, I might get it–only if I have cash in hand. Otherwise, nothing doing.

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