My Top 10 List: videos or moments that make me smile or laugh no matter what

I admit, I have tons of go-tos for getting out of a crap-tastic day. Sometimes I let myself wallow, but most of the time I get impatient and go looking for things that never fail to make me laugh or at least smile and feel good for a little while.

And most of them are on YouTube now, so I can share at least something specific without making you drag out the whole Netflix account or DVD collection (I’m middle-school that way) to see what I’m talking about.

And they’re good for a quick pick-me-up.

And family friendly for the most part.

#10.  Kid Snippets Bored Shorts video: “Star Wars: The Father Awakens”

I saw my first Bored Shorts video “Fast Food” on Tru TV’s Top Funniest (one of the bajillion episodes they have). My dad was cracking up and I saw this one…and then went to look for the dozens of other kid snippets videos.

But I near fell out of my chair laughing at Starbucks the first time I saw this Star Wars parody with the kids. I can’t help it–they got the motions down so well to go with the voices…and how kids simplify the scene is great!

#9.  John Hurt’s “Chest-burster” scene: Spaceballs

It was a toss-up between this Alien reference and the one from Animaniacs with Dot’s pet on the spaceship. But this one won out because in 45 seconds, it contains three of my favorite things from childhood: Alien, Spaceballs, and Looney Tunes.

I just can’t help it–the looks on their faces… I guess Michigan J looks different in the future.

#8.  Commercial: Nintendo 64 Color Console Choices

I admit, somebody had to point me in this one’s direction (especially when I started bringing my–still working–N64 to the break room when we had lots of stress). Then I found it on a VHS tape where I’d recorded some documentaries for class. Now, every time I bring my N64 to work, we have to watch it. This is 30 seconds of WTF?, really–and so worth it!

#7.  Gutierrez guesses Freakazoid’s weakness in “Hero Boy,” Freakazoid!

Every episode with Armondo Gutierrez (voiced by Ricardo Mantalban) is just gold. Pure-freaking-gold, parodying himself with his Wrath of Khan-style delivery… but this 1 minute just cracks me up, especially at the end. It made me want to get all the episodes of Freakazoid! again and have fun for neighbor’s kids to watch when babysitting (that’s not freaking Spongebob for the umpteenth time!)

There are too many fun Freakazoid moments that still crack me up, but this one minute is pretty self contained and doesn’t need a whole episode to get.

#6.  Commercial, Discovery Channel’s Shark Week 2002

What I remembered most was the shorter version, the two kids holding hands at the edge of the kiddie pool. Even today when I think about Shark Week, I remember that image and it cracks me up. Yes, back when Shark Week was educational and good and…nope, not going there again.

#5.  “Sound System Promo, from the Tiny Toons: How I Spent My Summer Vacation movie

Okay, Warner Bros., could you PLEASE put this damn 1990s film on DVD or Blu-Ray already? Seriously–deserves a release, because our VCR’s are dying out. Wait…it is on DVD? And Animaniacs: Wakko’s Wish, too? (Christmas wish list just got longer). Anyway…

There are tons of great moments in this movie, between the songs, Plucky’s road trip from Hell with Hamilton’s family (and Mr. Hitcher), Babs and Buster’s impromptu trip down river, and so many others. I know there are plenty of parody scenes of that damned annoying THX out there (The Simpsons one is great, too) …but I love the closer on this one most.

#4.  “Side-by-side comparison: Zero Hour! (1957) Vs Airplane! (1980),” YouTube video by DM Wood

A college friend and I got talking about great comedies and he told me about this video. I was amazed at what I was seeing, and couldn’t stop laughing. It makes me smile because you see how things changed between the flicks and where they stayed the same. I’m sure Zero Hour! was already parody-worthy even without the addition of Airplane!‘s extra touches, but damn! It’s just too funny how well they did it!

This one’s about 15 minutes long, but worth it if you’re curious and an Airplane! fan.

#3.  “The Rabbit of Seville,” Looney Tunes

I didn’t know my stepdad very well when he married my mom, but when I saw his VHS collection with hours and hours of Looney Tunes, the apprehension went buh-bye. So often we’d have it on, and we both knew the words to this one by heart, and would drive mom a bit nuts when we sang along. And of course the visuals still crack me up.

Well, because of copyright, I can’t show the original cartoon, but there’s a special performance above that is pretty good. That’s on my bucket list–go to performances with screenings like that to hear the music live. I didn’t even know you could do that til I saw this.

#2.  The Duck Scene, A Christmas Story

Let’s face it–mom’s reaction to the duck on the carving board is priceless, her squealing laughter just tears your own right out of you. And the kids. It doesn’t matter how many hundreds of times I’ve seen this part of the movie, tears still come to my eyes and I’m shrieking in laughter along with them–perfect moment.

#1.  “Boom-de-yada commercial(s),” Discovery Channel

This is the one that got me thinking about this list. The song just gets stuck in your head and you think about all the things they’re listing that are fascinating in the world, and I can’t help it, but it makes me smile (and yes, I start to sing along).

Yes, I’m an incurable nerd.

This one’s got both commercials back to back to make a 2 minute video. I dare you to not hum along and smile at least–or get nostalgic because this came out when Discovery Channel was still really good–but the song at least is fun.


Any little laugh- or smile-worthy things you enjoy for a quick pick-me-up?

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