#047–Absurd Sunday Blitz Q: The Hot Dogs vs. Hot Dog Buns Question…good business or stubborn tradition?

Seriously, they’re best buds, they belong together.

Okay, I’m sure the basic question has cropped up a lot in the past few decades. Heaven knows there are already a million pages google can find for you.

Correction, 86 million give or take a few.

So what’s one more?

My basic research has come up with a simple answer to the “only 8 buns in the package while the franks come in packages of 10.” Apparently, it was the baking pan size that limited the amount of buns that could be made in one batch. And since people would like uniformity in their product purchase (and easy to divide portions), I suppose that makes sense.

But Steve Martin and 86 million pages showing up on Google means we’re obviously not satisfied with that answer for some reason.

The one part of Father of the Bride that made me just laugh my ass off was when George Banks (Steve Martin) snapped and went apeshit at the grocery store, taking out his hot dog frustration on a poor confused clerk while he tore the hot dog buns apart to make it even.

His theory:

I like his theory.

At the same time, I get the whole “baking pan only makes 4 at a time” and two 4-piecers can make having 8 (or 12) in the bag easier.

What I don’t get is that with mass industrialization, why haven’t they made pans big enough to incorporate 5 rolls per section, and 2 of those would give you 10 hot dog buns? Let’s face it, they’re not in some back room kitchen making these things–it’s an industrial process now.

Seriously, just a slightly longer pan to go through the conveyor belt or whatever into the “oven” (or whatever heating element they use these days in these crazy assembly lines). Of course, then they’d have to make different packaging to incorporate the extra two buns, but hell–we’ve been asking for more buns for decades–what the hell?

This is why I don’t really bother eating hot dogs at home–too many left over and they end up molding, or too few and the hot dogs are left to waste because nobody wants to use sandwich bread. Just think, though, if a fast food joint ever ran out of buns, there’d be hell to pay.

Any thoughts (rational or otherwise–it’s a damned absurd Sunday after all)?

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