#041–My Absurd Sunday Blitz Q: Who would win in the superhero battle of Freakazoid vs. The Tick?

My 1st Absurd Sunday question, which may be a bi-monthly recurring feature (after all, we’ve had months of Dump making Monday through Saturday pretty damned mind-numbing enough).

And those with 90s cartoon nostalgia might want to flex those memory muscles once in a while. Damn, I miss those days. Those cartoons were the best!

This question came to me back when the Captain America: Civil War movie came out and everybody was all “Team Cap” or “Team Stark” or whatever the hell.

To be frank, I have barely watched any of the MCU movies and am burned out on superhero movies right now. I like Loki, Captain America, and The Hulk in that franchise–that’s about it. So, no, I didn’t care to watch anyway, but give me a decade and I might.

Anyhoo, it prompted me to figure out other superhero fights I wouldn’t mind seeing, and this one topped the list.

So, I pose the question to you, dear readers. In the epic battle of the animated superheroes, who would win in a fight between Freakazoid…

…versus The Tick?

I leave the floor to you.

Have fun with coffee, tea, and flexing your absurd-section of your mental-muscle today. We’re going to need a stronger one to keep up in this country (hee hee).

One thought on “#041–My Absurd Sunday Blitz Q: Who would win in the superhero battle of Freakazoid vs. The Tick?

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