#038–How do you know you’re meditating correctly?

“Meditation” seems like a pretty simple concept, until I get looking and reading up on techniques and tips on how to do it best. There’s not much of a consensus on how to do it properly, it seems.

I’ve thumbed through a half dozen books, a lecture or two, some websites, and there are a few things still escaping me.

More than anything I’d love to know, what’s the difference between meditating and just sitting there?

Are you supposed to clear your mind, or let your thoughts wander here and there?

Are you supposed to sit in a certain position?

Why do some people fall asleep trying to meditate?

What about thoughts drifting into daydreams?

Hell, I can’t even get a direct answer on what “meditation” is!

I mean, it’s a term we see a lot, and with yoga and mindfulness being common areas or physical and mental health, I really have to wonder.

I just want to know what I’m supposed to be trying to do when I meditate.

I guess it depends on the goals.

What I want to do is to be able to relax and sort out my thoughts enough that they don’t jump in and I start panicking and becoming anxious. That’s my goal. I want to be able to sit there and be still, to be quiet and clear my head, and be in a place where I don’t have stress headaches and worries and concerns.

I want to let emotions and such float away for a while, and just let me take a breather.

Is that even achievable through meditation?

I bookmarked the aboutmeditation.com website and will keep looking at it.

I just find it funny that I can’t get a decent definition for what meditation actually is. And according to the dictionary, synonyms are “contemplation, thought, thinking, musing, pondering, consideration, reflection, deliberation,” etc.

So, what is it about clearing your head? If that’s what meditation is, then what does it mean if you’re trying to clear your head and have nothing in there for a while, to give yourself a break?

Is that meditation, or something else?

I suppose there are just so many different types of meditation that it’s tricky to nail down. I want to know what my goals are supposed to be (if they’re wrong after all) and how I know I’m doing it right.

What should my goals be for meditation?

Or will meditation help me discover my true goals?


I’m tired of tension headaches and being frazzled over the state of the world (and my own realm within it). Is meditation the way to go, or something else?

I need to try something. I’m getting more anxious that I’ve got more than just frazzled, crazy-making behavior behind these headaches, and that’s doing me no favors. I’m tired of being scatterbrained and driving myself crazy all the time. Deep breaths and plenty of water.

And meditation?… I need good sleep again.

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