My 1st 25 questions: the ponder-able & crazy, silly & serious that made the band.

Considering how lengthy the list will become, it made sense to post a general page with links to the previous blog posts every “quarter mile.” I chose 25 because it seemed like a good place to start (and admittedly, I’m still working on #26, so there).

So, to recap, here’s the 1st 25 questions I asked on this site with links. Some were answered, some not, some just to ponder, and some I bet you think might be there just to make you wonder if I’m into recreational drugs…or too many cartoons.

Short answer: no drugs, yes on cartoons.

Questions 1-25:

#001–How do you start dating in your 30s when you are broke, paranoid and still live at home?

#002–Beyond the over-hyped election, what else can we do to make positive changes and policies in the U.S.?

#003–Who the hell are the guys, in their souped-up pickup trucks, trying to impress at 5 a.m.?

#004–What does the 2016 Election say about the U.S. as a nation?

#005–To friend, or not to friend, your family on Facebook?

#006–How do you know when you “know thyself?”

#007–Will the dead mom/evil stepmom trend EVER change in children’s animated films?

#008–“Being an artist for dummies,” or how do you make a living from two wildly different creative pursuits at the same time?

#009–What the hell happened to my Shark Week on Discovery Channel?

#010–What’s in a (pen) name? How do you find a good one and keep your privacy…sort of?

#011–A question of etiquette: Where’s the line between considerate and rude regarding gifts?

#012–Is Donald Trump Functionally Illiterate? (orig. post by TechGirl1951)

#013–Question for the Ladies: How the hell can anyone exercise with a “heavy flow?”

#014–Why do some women do the super-long fingernails thing?

#015–How do you “confront” someone who illegally parked in a handicapped parking space?

#016–What did Bush II mean by “They hate us for our freedoms,” back in 2001?

#017–Who is really in charge of a patient’s health: the doctor, insurance, or Big Pharma?

#018-Before March 2003, what had Saddam Hussein done that he hadn’t already been doing for 13 years?

#019–What would it take to go from our current hodgepodge of public & private “healthcare” to universal healthcare in the U.S.?

#020-Does anybody actually use Miracle Whip as a “salad dressing” on actual “salad?”

#021–How do you find a non-profit to work for (and be paid for it)?

#022–How did 19th century people NOT get lost in the American West?

#023–How are we supposed to realistically protect ourselves and our identities online?

#024–Is it okay to ban kids from certain restaurants (or at certain times)?

#025–Do couples who live and work together have a work-life balance, and how do they do it without going crazy?

Thanks for laughing at or pondering them with me…and for some of the awesome answers and insights we’ve found here. Hugs and more questions are coming because I never quit.


Oddly enough, this is my 100th blog post.

I’m serious, I didn’t plan that–just worked out that way.

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