First day back in the gym & now I’m all mellow & sleepy…mmm…

credit to for the image (and the wikihow post about how to be mellow)

Yeah, that’s probably the face I had in the middle of my workout, right up top there.

That’s something I forgot about when it comes to getting good exercise in the morning. I woke up and got ready for my day, packing my work clothes in my gym bag and out the door. Lately, when I’d done workouts at the gym, I’d been on the recumbent bike for half an hour. Well, other than my knees getting a bit of work, it doesn’t get my heart rate up much and after 10 minutes it’s boring.

At least it’s better than the upright stationary bike–seriously, what are seat designers thinking on bicycles or stationary bikes? Another argument for another day…

So today I went back to my old friend, the elliptical trainer. They’d redone the computer so my target heart rate I needed to aim for wasn’t so high. I went in for an endurance trial, basically, and put myself on there for 45 minutes because I can’t make it to kickboxing tonight and wanted to see how far I would go before calling it quits.

I didn’t–I kept on for the whole time.

I forgot how great it was to be moving, getting that heart going, trying to keep conscious of my breathing and get plenty of oxygen. I had that dopey exercise smile on my face, I know it, and bringing out my 70s classic rock playlist for the first time in a while couldn’t hurt.

One thing I’ve never liked about the elliptical is for some reason, about 20 minutes in, I feel tingling in my feet. I think it’s partly keeping my feet in one position to long, so I tend to move them around in those really huge foot-wells. But actually, that helped me because I accidentally stepped in an ant-bed yesterday morning and the tingling made the pain of the bites go away.

I was happy to get back to the strength training equipment, too, and figure out what weights I needed to use for now–then, of course, the shower after you’ve kicked your own ass pretty sufficiently.

It was after I left that I went to get my coffee and sit down for a bit to read. Well, even with a cup of coffee in me and a breakfast sandwich, now I’m like crazy tired and want to go to sleep…

705994-200I forgot when the adrenaline or whatever was sustaining me goes out the window…suddenly it’s all mellow…mellow yellow like the Donovan song…mmm…

Okay, more coffee needed.

I hadn’t experienced that in a while, that intense pumping of the blood, movement, movement, movement where I didn’t get a stitch in my side and could breathe just fine. I know about the fallibility of the machinery in giving accurate calorie burn and other readings, so I take it with a grain of salt. I just kept moving, and with the sweat and the high I was getting–yeah, it was working.

Of course, I might feel like hell tomorrow before kickboxing, or maybe I’ll be fine. I bet I’ll sleep well tonight. And with all the crap that was bugging me all night long last night, well…maybe in an hour when I go into work I’ll just keep to the mellow.

And research other ways to be more at peace–mellow–with myself and what I need to do. Getting hysterical and anxious hasn’t done jack for me so far except populate my noggin with more gray hairs before my time.

Hugs and happy health to all,


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