The best “Twilight” analysis I’ve ever read… okay, “anti-Twilight” is more accurate

(credit to “Vampires Suck for the pic above)

After that lovely “gal-entine” I got from my bestie last night, now I get to make her mad at me. She’s a Twi-Hard, and I most certainly never will be.

I’m an awful pseudo-sister, I’ll admit it.

Seriously, I don’t recall how many posts and bits of research I’ve been compiling this morning, but I somehow found this amazing post. I almost put it under my “book ‘n tea time” blog, but since I haven’t read the books myself, I wasn’t going to post it as a review.

Now, I did read a few pages to see what all the fuss was about. When the 2nd book and first movie had come out, I’d been a high school substitute. That meant I was exposed to repeated play-by-play synopses of nearly EVERY high school girl’s (and a few teachers’) favorite moments over the course of 18 months. A student let me see her copy of the 2nd book while they talked about it.

I read about 10 pages and gagged.


So, needless to say, not gonna be a fan by any stretch of the imagination, and the reasons why are summed up in this article. I’d vaguely remembered the term “abstinence porn” from somewhere, but now I’ve gotta say I laughed while reading some of this article.

I wanted to save this article, so here it is. I can’t believe I missed this for so damn long. It was written in 2008, but wow, click below:


And, as a bonus, you can see the awesome video that led me to this article: Buffy vs. Edward: Twilight Remixed (original version).

Seriously, every time I see Edward show up, Buffy’s reaction was what I’d be saying to him. The guy’s creepy as hell!


8 thoughts on “The best “Twilight” analysis I’ve ever read… okay, “anti-Twilight” is more accurate

  1. Crystle Jenson says:

    Well, it did and STILL does have the biggest fan base of any movie of any πŸ™‚ Just tossing it out there. Plus, it’s unfair given you haven’t even watched them (dare you to now).
    I am a HUGE Twilight fan always will be. You know, the do wind up having sex-like, a ton of it πŸ™‚ Apparently vampires do it more than rabbits πŸ™‚ But, you’d had to read or watch the movies to see that πŸ™‚ Unfair to judge. Watch and read then you can say alll this if you still feel the same. I am team jacob πŸ™‚


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