Living the fulfilling life of an artist…shouldn’t be so dangerous.

I’ve accepted the possibility that I may be broke off my keyster for most of my life at this point, but if it’s in the pursuit of something I love doing–writing, painting, teaching, volunteering–then I really don’t give a damn in the long run because I will feel productive. I will find something that completes me beyond finding a man and/or impulsive consumerism. I want to find myself and what I am really capable of, instead of what’s expected of me.

Too bad these days those things I love seem not to pay hardly at all…for about 95% (my guesstimate) of those who pursue an artistic career. Art and life should be celebrated, and the artists themselves… I just saw this in my news feed this morning and started digging things up, about the Oakland, CA warehouse fire…awful.

I’m a total newbie to the art scene–barely a painter, but willing to see different works and meet with other artists, to experiment and learn and just be a part of a community of interesting people. And this story comes up, just in time for my promise to myself to be more artistic, paychecks be damned. My days have been odd lately, as far as what I’m seeing/hearing and thinking coinciding with something in the news.

As far as the event, not living anywhere near Oakland, I can’t say it any better than these reports (and more coming down the pipeline, I’m sure) as far as basic info goes…but damn. The trade-off to being “the artistic poor and communal” versus “the 9-5 normal” shouldn’t be so harsh. And the statistics on the arts in the U.S., from several sources, compared to other countries…it’s almost amazing we have any new art these days outside of movies and music.

200436936-001I wanted to say more (before my computer issued a blue screen of death and cut me off mid-thought), but I dunno what else can be said. With a world going to hell so quickly, we need the arts more than ever. They bring hope…and for that we need artists to keep cultural spirit alive and running…so don’t give up, and maybe the arts will get the recognition they deserve.




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