‘The News’ in Modern Society

I think this is the best, easiest go-to guide for the media. Kudos to TW for writing (hee hee).

Eat Pray Vote

By Terri Weir

Today we learn some Classification Terms and Methodology by which we may accurately decipher and interpret what is called ‘The News’ in modern society.

Classification Terms

Liberal, or Far Left, Media
Always promoting the spending of everyone’s money to save someone or something. Avoid.

Alt Right, or Far Right, Media
Wall builders. Always trying to get rid of someone or something. Avoid.

Fox News
Yes, Fox News has its own category. Avoid.

Fake News
Come across something completely unbelievable? Then it probably isn’t true. Avoid, avoid.

Editorials, Talk Radio, and Bloggers
Opinions of individual persons. Avoidance is not necessary, but common sense is.

Same as above only in 140 character bites. Do not avoid, but approach with caution.

Lots of uninformed people passing along misinformation. Avoid.  Permanently deactivate your account.

Main Stream Media or ‘MSM’
Official news agencies with actual reporters. Looking over this list, you will quickly come to believe that…

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