I want to help The Weather Channel’s ratings go through the roof on Election Day…

Well, was up half the night unable to sleep, wondering if I set my alarm clock so I could be one of the first in line for election day. The worst was at 3:05 am, when I took the cover off my alarm clock, wide awake and convinced it was time to get up and go. Sheesh, you’d think I was incredibly excited or something. Screw that–back to sleep, and got up minutes before my alarm anyway. I hate what anticipation does, mixed nicely with nerves.

But I went. I cast my ballot with a silly smile on my face as I sat there, and didn’t even realize how keyed up and tense I was until I drove away and headed off to my fave diner to work on writing and finishing up reading on this medical diet I have to work on. I was almost lightheaded and giddy from the experience, as if a load had been lifted and I’d dropped 50 pounds overnight …okay, maybe not that far.


On Super Tuesday? That’s been my diet the past 6 months!… I knew I was doing something wrong…

I admit, especially regarding this election, I’m wondering if I voted “correctly,” as in, will I be on the right side of history voting the way I’m voting today? I had to weigh that against another few months of headaches, anxiety, and upset stomachs all because of my worry. You know, win or lose, my conscience is clear and that’s why even though I have this profound feeling like the battle for (Middle) Earth is gearing up in my head, I will stick by my decision through famine, fire, food poisoning, and general stupidity. I. Don’t. Care. My ballot is cast, no changing it, so ppppttttthhhh!

That said, I was so damned happy when I saw this yesterday, and did some digging and found out it was legit. I laughed when I saw the news on Upworthy, that the Weather Channel wanted to give viewers a break from the election. If i wasn’t out of the house and working away from the internet and t.v. all day (at least until late tonight), I would have this on all day. Oh man, starting 3 pm Eastern time, they’re gonna have beautiful weather video and serene music to relax to and unwind.


Ahh…I feel better already. Thanks TWC!

Oh yeah–the whole friggin’ country needs a collective enema of smooth jazz, soundscapes, sunsets, and fall leaves…among other things. But at least it’s a start!

So yes, there are alternatives to watching people preempt the polls and give the election away hours in advance. Why they insist on counting the votes right then and there and posting results when there’re only 2% of ballots in always pissed me off. Ugh, maybe when it hits 95% you can start giving projections, but I’d wait til it was 100%. Maybe cover something else!

What was it Kramer said in that one episode I watched of Seinfeld… “Serenity now!” (just look for the clips on YouTube–hee hee). Yeah, serenity now! That’ll work!

Okay, calm down, you…a few hours til you can bliss out with The Weather Channel, too.

I have to remind myself that today’s not the end–whoever wins, it’ll be the clusterf*** it’s been all along in some respects, though if we’re lucky, majorly toned down as far as pissy behavior goes. I’m exhausted by the incivility at the very least, so I’ll get cozy with some hot tea and The Weather Channel when I get off work today. Yes, the election b.s. can wait until tomorrow…and I’ll have my headphones on so dad can’t give me updates every 20 minutes (grr…).


And when Weather Channel’s “serenity” is not enough…here’s my fallback!

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