#006–How do you know when you “Know Thyself?”

Of course, the corresponding question has to be "What does it mean to really know yourself?" I had to ask this today after re-visiting The Artist's Way, and I've mentally blanked more and more often on the exercises and tasks that come up each week. So many of the questions to reflect on regard wishes, dreams, my childhood thoughts, wishes, dreams, and beyond "I wanna be a teacher when I grow up," I can't really recall too much.

Why I am a Free-Hugger

Off and on since 2012, I've had my "Free Hugs" sign. Naturally, when it's cold or flu season, I put it away. I pull it out of my car and put it on a chair or my travel cart for people to see. Plenty of people read it, and either smile, look quizzical, chuckle, or scoff. Some mumble that nothing's for free and give me the hairy eyeball. Some are just beaming and come over with their arms out, ready to go. Some just come over to ask what it's all about, which is part of the reason I'm explaining today.

One of those open-letter thingies…for the anti-Trump protesters, because I’m confused…

I wrote this yesterday, then saw such a wild outpouring of rage--on all sides--on the internet that I had to leave it on the hard drive and think about it. I guess I just couldn't figure out what to say anymore, what I could say. I've gone numb and very uncertain, but I decided that since … Continue reading One of those open-letter thingies…for the anti-Trump protesters, because I’m confused…

#004–What does the 2016 Election say about the U.S. as a nation?

That's been the trend here today: quiet. People waiting in line started out the day really quiet with placid expressions (especially the ladies). I mean, I couldn't tell if the people I saw had stayed up all night and were still bleary-eyed or they were disappointed at the result. Trump is the winner. Something about that leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but I've been carrying that bad taste for over a year. One would think I'd be used to it by now.

#003–Who the hell are guys, in their souped-up pickup trucks, trying to impress at 5 a.m.?

I used to be at the coffee shop a lot earlier on the weekdays. Just about every morning near 5 a.m., I would sip my coffee at the window, waiting for my food to come up, and see the traffic light on the feeder about 40 yards from me. The light turns green, and you see this souped up pickup truck just roar off, screeching tires and the big heavy engine sound and the pistons just thup-thup-thupthupthupthup-ing along super fast until it turns high pitched and zooms past the windows...