100 questions to start, and maybe a million more…

At the center of my being, I am more than aware that I could live to be a thousand years old and still not come close to learning all that’s possible out in the world. I do my best to keep an open mind to new thoughts, ideas, and so on. Some of the things I will ask will be silly, some mundane, some historical questions, some political (and many of them a part of this baffling American culture that I was born into but cannot understand).

For all I know, there are questions I ask that maybe you wanted to know the answer to as well. I won’t pretend that I have found all the answers–maybe I won’t find any, but I might have some fun crackpot theories to go along with them where there is no real research available (instead of saying “I heard…” like a certain someone on the campaign trail loves to do), but if I’ve found a way or some theories at least, I’ll make sure to send ’em on, or at least a good head start. Heck, if you know anything that can shed some light on the subject, go for it. My library and I are ready to go for more research. Its that pesky writer-historian-gene that won’t shut up and won’t shut off.

Might as well use it. Some of these might get answered fast, and I’ll send links to better info. Otherwise, feel free to learn new-old-possibly-bizarre things with me.

Penny for your thoughts? We'll listen...

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