The Chatty Introvert’s Hole in the Internet. Greetings, and a confession…

…by necessity or habit, I am that person who can talk to complete strangers anywhere. I believe it was a holdover from my first paying job where customers glared at me because I was the cashier, conveniently in the line of fire when his or her order needed one minute longer to finish. I learned I had to either distract them with a 60-second story to make them smile or curl up in the fetal position and cry. The second idea never paid a bill. In the end, the customer left with a somewhat lighter attitude and I developed a bad reflexive habit.

I do my best to channel my “chattiness” into learning from people, especially at diners and coffee places with regulars who don’t mind decent conversation over a cup or two of legal addictive stimulants. I like to keep my ears open for great stories, ask questions, and get different points of view away from trolls.

Talking to strangers is incredibly easy for me; it’s making friends that’s tough because my introverted side can handle only so many people before I wanna be at home with a good book and the voices inside who understand me and like me.

Okay, yeah, that wasn’t creepy or anything, was it?

I placed the rest of this post, my hopes and goals for conversation in the “Contact” page. In the meantime, I have to prepare for a new work assignment this week.

I’ve chosen an interesting time to try and be more sociable, do teaching trainings, and be a full time writer. I never could do things the easy way (hee hee).


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