I am a writer/painter/educator from Texas who enjoys learning…well, any & every little thing that catches my attention. I am a willing disciple to the power of imagination & the possibility of peace on Earth.

I also suffer from “Walking Encyclopedia Syndrome,” an affliction known to transform outgoing introverted bookworms (like myself) into nervous babblers eager to share everything they know (yeah, it’s a pain). The only time such symptoms are (somewhat) alleviated is through posting & actual, honest-to-goodness conversation with living, breathing humans.

My mission: Be involved in the real world (where it is) & attempt to understand this alien world of “Homo Sapiens-Machina,” in pursuit of truth, harmony, & thought-provoking conversation over the perfect cup of coffee.

Or tea. Lots and lots of tea.


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Comments From The Peanut Gallery

What goes through my my mind when I read the news with my morning coffee. ...Or for the Simon's Rockers in the group, this is my response journal.

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