I am a writer/artist/educator from Texas who enjoys learning…well, every little thing that catches my attention. I am a willing disciple of the power of imagination & the possibility of peace on Earth.

I also suffer from “Walking Encyclopedia Syndrome,” an affliction known to transform outgoing introverted bookworms into nervous babblers eager to share everything they know (yeah, it’s a pain). The only time such symptoms are alleviated is through posting & actual, honest-to-goodness conversation with living, breathing humans.

My mission: Be involved in the real world (where it is) & attempt to understand this alien world of “Homo Sapiens-Machina,” in pursuit of truth, harmony, & thought-provoking conversation over the perfect cup of coffee.

Or tea. Lots and lots of tea.

The Lone Girl in a Crowd

The thoughts and perceptions of an aspiring writer on life and the world around her

The Reluctant Caregiver

How a motherless, childfree feminist became a mother anyway

Read After Burnout

Adventures in Everyday Madness


Author of the Happy Birthday to Me Trilogy

American Alliance of Museums

American Alliance of Museums



Redeveloping History

Museums, leadership and community

Czech Center Museum Houston

The Czech Center Museum Houston provides unique education experiences based on authentic objects, art, music, stories and lives of Czech, Slovaks and Europeans, who left their country to seek liberty and democracy in America.

ARHtistic License

Thoughts on the Creative Process by ARHuelsenbeck